Torn between who she thought she was, and who she was becoming. She always looked at who she was created to be; for inspiration. Torn; yet fully committed. No turning back now. There were ideas of what could be, as she remains with integrity. God-like discipline that is loyal and steadfast. A Goddess Queen poised to save the world. A Divine Feminine, whose eyes have seen as much pain as most; yet still maintain the glimmer of child-like innocence and hope. 

Shakieta Maloye published Paradise in 2018 with hopes of sharing insight, inspiration, and guidance to all. In Paradise, she shares divine wisdom that anyone can understand and relate to, regardless of their age or background. Shakieta’s desire to help heal and unite the community has become a part of her life purpose. She loves assisting individuals to live a prosperous and rich-filled life, despite their life circumstances. Shakieta’s life experiences have allowed her to be an authentic individual and leader in society. Throughout her journey, Shakieta has embraced her spiritual gifts, which have made room for her. Paradise The Book is Shakieta’s way of sharing messages that are not for one person, thing, or situation; but to help heal humanity. Her gifts have made room for her and now she is teaching others how to allow their gifts to make room for them through Paradis: Maximizing Your Authenticity While Creating A Life of Miracles. Purchase your copy today!