shakiEta maloye

Founder, Executive Director

Founded in November 2019, Another Chance is led by Shakieta Maloye, Executive Director. Another Chance has made great impact in a little time. As a community leader, Ms. Maloye has accumulated over 10 years of community development and engagement experience working on behalf of marginalized and disadvantaged citizens in the local community. She has a deep compassion for suffering humanity and has often led the charge for raising the community’s conscious awareness around social issues that impact our less enfranchised citizens. Ms. Maloye is a focused and principle driven individual. Character and integrity are the hallmark of all her personal and business relationships. She believes that compassion, wisdom, discipline, and strategic awareness are qualities that cannot be compromised in building anything of substance.  These are the very principles upon which she founded Another Chance: Hose of Refuge.

Much like anyone else, this young woman found herself facing limitless adversity throughout the course of her life. By conquering life’s challenging experiences, that would have left most broken, lost, and confused. Shakieta became molded into not only an authentic, genuine individual, but also a leader within our society. Her determination to promote and accelerate the success of all whom she comes into contact with is infallible. Shakieta strives to fulfill her ordained calling of promoting prosperity and life enrichment for all. This pure desire to contribute to the healing and unification of our community is the foundation upon which Pure Wisdom came to be.

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