Minority Youth Virtual Apprenticeship

Program Purpose: To provide minority youth with an opportunity to serve as an apprentice or shadow a minority professional in the field they would like to pursue as a career.

Target Group: Minority youth between the ages of 12 and 18 years old enrolled in a public or private school.

Reveille Warriors: Veteran Resource Assistance

Program Purpose: To provide veterans with referrals to community organizations that will assist them with obtaining needed information and resources for transition comfort and self-sufficiency.

Target Group: Military veterans and veteran spouses seeking assistance throughout the community.

Case Management & Resource Center

Program Purpose: Another Chance Resource Center and Case Management program is for transitioning families to aid and promote the conscious efforts of program participants to create a productive, self-sufficient lifestyle affecting personal and social change, and creating a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Target Group: Low-income individuals and families experiencing economic hardships

Youth Promise Project (YPP)
Giving Youth a Hope and a Future

Program Purpose: Our goal is to empower children, youth, and young adults by offering healthy alternatives that would highlight their strength of character, and enhance their ability to make responsible choices, so that they can live a productive life. children, youth, and young adults

Target Group: children, youth, and young adults

Tweening to Kingdom

Program Purpose: To assist young children into transitioning holistically into adulthood with healthy alternative initiatives to enhance the youth’s strengths, character, and personality traits to aid in preparation for college and continuing education.

Target Group: Teen program designed for youth aged 10-15